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Dental Implants and Restorations in Glen Ellyn - Dr. DeLeon

Whether you need a single tooth replacement or want a full arch restoration, dental implants are the ultimate choice. Patients who have had dental implantation say the boost of self-confidence that comes with the stability of their bite and beautiful new smile has actually changed them for the better. 

Dr. DeLeon uses digital x-rays to get clear images that help him assess your jaw health and gums before moving forward with your treatment plan. DeLeon Family Dental works with a top team of local specialists to place your dental implants, and collaborates with them to ensure that you receive compassionate, quality care. He uses these same specialists to treat his own family members.

Simple Tooth Extraction

If you need one tooth or several teeth removed, Dr. Deleon can help you here in our Glen Ellyn dental office. He will provide you with a temporary denture if needed, and refer you to the appropriate specialist for the placement of your implants. If you come to our office with teeth, we’ll make sure you leave with teeth so there are no disruptions to your everyday life. After your implants have been placed and tissues have healed, you’ll return to our office for the final restoration.

What is an Implant Restoration Exactly?

The restoration of your implant refers to the final addition of any replacement teeth that are placed on top of implants posts. We restore dental implants with single implant crowns or full dentures.  Our implant restoration options include:

Natural-Looking Crowns: For single tooth replacement, our tooth-colored zirconia crowns look completely natural and integrate seamlessly with the rest of your existing teeth.

Fixed Dental Bridges: When missing several teeth, a cost effective solution is a fixed bridge that merges well with natural teeth and also gives the needed permanency and stability.

Implant Supported Dentures: For those who wear dentures, we offer choices for full-arch restorations, including permanent implant-retained (hybrid) dentures and removable overdentures that are secured to implants, providing a tight fitting, stabilized appliance, while still allowing you to remove your dentures when needed.

Full-Mouth Bridge Restorations: Dr. DeLeon’s Dental office proudly uses Nobel Biocare’s All-on-4 technology. This treatment provides patients with a less-than-ideal bone structure for supporting implants the opportunity to regain bite function and appearance. 

Restore Your Smile at DeLeon Family Dental

If you’re interested in dental implants in Glenn Ellyn, IL to replace missing teeth, or if you’re ready to find an alternative adhesive-based removable dentures, call DeLeon Family Dental. We are here to help