Soft Tissue Laser Dentistry in Glen Ellyn for Healthy Smiles  

With new developments in dental technology and treatment methods, patients get access to care that is more comfortable, better able to meet their needs, and help promote improved oral health. Soft tissue dental lasers are one of those advancements that help patients more effectively get the treatments they need. Our Glen Ellyn dental office provides this laser dentistry for patient comfort, reduced treatment time, and best quality care for your smile.

What Our Dental Lasers Can Do Laser Dentistry in Glen Ellyn

Dr. DeLeon uses a soft tissue laser to help treat gum tissue and other soft tissues that are causing discomfort or presenting a problem for your oral health. With a dental laser, Dr. DeLeon can:

  • Remove excess soft tissue (treatment for gummy smiles)
  • Eliminate canker sore pain 
  • Perform biopsies 
  • Help erupting teeth come in more comfortably by removing any soft tissue blocking teeth

Dr. DeLeon holds a category 2 certification in the use of dental lasers through the Academy of Laser Dentistry. With his certification, Dr. DeLeon is able to provide patients with dental laser treatment that is safe and helps them get the most out of treatment so they can enjoy renewed oral health and comfort.

What is Laser Gum Disease Treatment?

At our Glen Ellyn dental office, Dr. DeLeon uses soft tissue dental lasers to provide patients with comprehensive care for periodontal disease.  For patients with who have developed pockets because of bacteria and debris below the gum line, root scaling and planing is effective at reducing the size of the pockets, and thoroughly cleaning teeth of any material that could contribute to further gum disease symptoms.

Root scaling and planing with a dental laser, however, is effective at killing bacteria below the gum line. After performing this deep cleaning for gum disease patients, Dr. DeLeon and his team can use the soft tissue dental laser to eliminate any residual bacteria. This approach allows gum tissue to heal more quickly and re-attach to teeth. 

Discover How Dental Lasers Can Improve Your Oral Health

Our patients love that laser treatment is more comfortable than procedures performed with standard periodontal surgery and actually encourages faster healing. If you are exhibiting signs of gum disease, or if you have questions about how a dental laser can help in your oral health treatment plan, call our office to schedule your consultation.

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